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Blown away by Riley's guitar...I bought the one he was playing, because it felt so good in my hands, and sounded so great in my head.

Sam Anderson,


I have three lefties, matching 12 and 6 string cutaways, and a parlor, and they look and sound awesome. I also commissioned Riley for a guitar and mandolin for my son.

Joe McClure, JoeSongs Music.

In addition to offering a wide range of repair services, Gorilla Guitars partners with local guitar builder Riley Yielding. Riley handles specialized repair work on acoustic instruments, including high-end guitars. He is responsive to customers' requests and does excellent work.

Tim Crabb and Glenn Giles,

Owners of Gorilla Guitars, Columbus, Ga.


I wanted a guitar that would last generations: something that my family could pass down. I have a black walnut parlor guitar that I plan to give my son one day. I will play it until then. I also have a jumbo twelve string in black walnut. Love them.

Todd Reaves, Owner, Omega Financial

Simply the best sounding guitar that has ever been recorded at my studio...

Mark Turnham, Owner, Xcessive Sound Inc.


I have #17. It has been the only Florentine cutaway so far. Sequoia top, walnut back and sides. It has been my constant companion on beaches, in nightclubs, and at gigs. When I was overseas, it was my gigging guitar. I played it all over Japan.

Brent Lindley,